About Us

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The Consortium Trading story started back in 1994, when Mr. Ibrahim Hassan M Ali founded our family-owned company, which was formerly known as Zilal Agriculture Enterprises. We export an important range of products: Hibiscus sabdariffa, Gum Arabic (Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal), and peanuts (raw and roasted).

Eventually our company’s leadership baton transferred to Mr. Omer Ibrahim, who is part of the second generation of the family. He has added to Consortium Trading’s foundations by further developing the company and opening markets abroad for export. In addition, he has increased the quality of product cleaning and screening to fulfill the global market demand and quality, and to maintain the company’s excellent reputation.

We have always focused on community development and being an integral part of the local area where the farms are located. For example, we purchase all products directly from farmers, and we help their children with school uniform and stationery expenses. We also help them to source clean drinking water and meet other pressing needs. We believe in giving back in tangible and significant ways.

We have also financed farmers to help with cultivation of all products, including hibiscus and Gum Arabic. All through the years, our goal has been to assist farmers while producing high-quality products as efficiently as possible.

Now, our company is based in Sudan, Africa and is thriving more than ever as we continue to bring high-quality products to the world while staying grounded in our community and rooted by our founding principles.